New Forest National Park Authority: Neil McKeon is pleased to confirm that he has recently won an appeal against New Forest National Park Authority for retrospective planning permission to erect a residential outbuilding in Neacroft, Bransgore.

Having erected the outbuilding on site, the applicant faced potential enforcement action from the LPA which would potentially have seen the need to demolish the building. To avoid this, Pure Town Planning submitted the retrospective planning application which justified its retention for incidental storage purposes. Following a swell of negative representations, the LPA followed suit and refused the application due to perceived overdevelopment of the modest plot, reduction of private garden space and creating harm to the distinctive character of the New Forest National Park.

Prior to any potential enforcement action, Pure Town Planning submitted an urgent appeal against the refusal to the Planning Inspectorate, which challenged the LPA’s objections in full. Having assessed our appeal statement and visiting the site, the Inspector determined that the outbuilding was not overdevelopment, remained incidental to the host property and was an acceptable design/scale to avoid any harmful impact in the streetscene and the locally distinctive
character of the New Forest National Park. Furthermore, the Inspector agreed with our challenge that the resulting garden space and parking provision on site would be suitably safeguarded – thereby allowing the appeal.

This decision in the New Year was very welcome news to the client and thoroughly vindicates the original planning application and its compliance with adopted planning policy.

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