1 Introduction

1.1 Pure Town Planning Limited is operated in accordance with the RTPI’s Code of Professional Conduct, details of which can be viewed online here.

1.2 The following Terms and Conditions of Business, together with the written Fee Quote detailing the work to be undertaken, form the basis of our contract with you except where any changes are expressly agreed in writing.

2 Client Care

2.1 Pure Town Planning prides itself on delivering an excellent service to all clients and abiding by our three core principles of clarity, honesty and value in respect of every instruction.

2.2 We undertake to keep clients fully informed throughout the planning process and to respond promptly to all communications from clients.

2.3 Clients must undertake to assist Pure Town Planning by supplying us with all relevant and necessary information relating to an instruction and Pure Town Planning shall not be held responsible for any delays incurred whilst awaiting such information or any other circumstances or matters beyond our control.

3 Fees and Expenses

3.1 At Pure Town Planning we prefer to operate on a fixed fee basis. Our individual fixed fee prices are calculated with reference to the amount of time that will be spent dealing with your planning matter.

3.2 The agreed fixed fee arrangement will only cover the work set out under “What is included” in the written Fee Quote. The “What is not included” list in the Fee Quote is for information only and is not intended to be exhaustive. If the client is unsure as to whether any activity, cost or deliverable is included in a quote, whether formal written Fee Quote or quotes provided in the text of an email, they must assume it is not unless written clarification to the contrary has been obtained from Pure Town Planning.

3.3 Any alternative fee arrangements will be subject to negotiation and agreement in writing before work commences on any instruction.

3.4 In accordance with the RTPI’s Code of Conduct Pure Town Planning shall notify you in writing before undertaking any additional work or incurring any additional fees or expenses and ensure that proper instructions have been received.

3.5 Where it has been agreed that other consultants or specialist advice is required the client shall have full responsibility for the instruction of such services and payment of any fees, expenses or charges that are incurred.

3.6 Where any statutory fees are due to be paid to any Local Authority or other body in respect of applications or appeals these fees shall be paid by the client and Pure Town Planning shall have no liability for payment of these fees.

3.7 Pure Town Planning reserves the right to reimbursement of expenditure relating to the reasonable costs of reproducing documents, drawings, maps, photographic and other records together with reasonable travel and hotel costs, including mileage for car travel at the rate of 45p/mile except under an agreed fixed fee arrangement where it is set out under “What is included” in the written Fee Quote.

3.8 Except where specifically agreed in writing our fees do not include any hard copies of any plans or documents produced by us or sent to us by third parties.

3.9 All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate.

4 Invoices and Payment

4.1 Invoices for fixed fee arrangements will be sent to you on instruction and no work will commence on any fixed fee matter until payment is received.

4.2 Where it has been agreed that Pure Town Planning will charge on an hourly basis invoices will be submitted to you at the end of each month or other appropriate intervals. Pure Town Planning reserves the right to seek a payment on account prior to commencing work on an hourly basis.

4.3 Invoices for any other fee arrangements will be sent at the agreed stages.

4.4 Payment of all invoices is due upon receipt. Payment may be made by either cheque made payable to “Pure Town Planning Ltd” or by direct bank payment (details are provided on the invoice).

4.5 If invoices are not settled within 14 days Pure Town Planning reserves the right to charge interest at 4% above the prevailing Bank of England Base Rate on a daily basis from the date of the invoice.

4.6 If payment of any invoice is not made Pure Town Planning reserves the right to decline to act any further in the matter, withdraw any submitted applications and appeals and to issue a final invoice for all work undertaken to date.

4.7 Pure Town Planning also reserves the right to engage the services of a professional debt collection agency to pursue any outstanding debt owing to Pure Town Planning and the client will be liable for any additional fees that are incurred.

4.8 If there are any queries regarding an invoice the client must contact Pure Town Planning straight away.

4.9 If the Client terminates a fixed fee contract prematurely, for example by deciding not to proceed with an application or appeal, by removing Pure Town Planning as agent for an ongoing application or appeal or by instructing Pure Town Planning to withdraw an ongoing application or appeal, the full fixed fee arrangement will remain payable unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of Pure Town Planning. All outstanding fee instalments will become immediately payable and there will no refunds for sums already paid.

5 Limitation of Liability

5.1 Pure Town Planning will endeavour to provide professional services with due care and skill. We will not be held responsible for any losses arising from the supply of inaccurate or incomplete information by clients and others involved with the matter.

5.2 We will also not be held liable for clients’ failure to act upon the advice that is provided or for clients failing to respond promptly to communications from us or the relevant authorities.

5.3 If any complaint regarding our service should arise clients may refer to the Royal Town Planning Institute for advice.

5.4 Pure Town Planning is fully insured to meet the costs of any legitimate claims arising from a complaint of professional misconduct or negligence. Details are available on request.

6 Law

6.1 These terms and conditions of business are subject to the Law of England and Wales.