BCP Council (Poole): Matt Annen is pleased to have recently secured planning permission for a remodelled and extended house in Lilliput, Poole.

In arriving at her favourable recommendation the officer concluded;

“It is noted that the proposals raise the ridge height of the existing property so it would be taller than the neighbouring properties. There is a mix of two storey and second floor accommodation inset into the gable ends within the immediate vicinity, and a variety of ridge heights, pitch and hipped roof forms and dormers can be seen within Austin Avenue. In addition, the application site is located on a lower elevation than the properties situated opposite on the east side of Austin Avenue so the impact of the increased ridge height would be minimised. Therefore, on balance, it is considered that the proposal would be in keeping with local patterns of development and neighbouring buildings and would not appear unduly prominent or materially harmful to the visual appearance of the street scene”.

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