BCP Council (Bournemouth): Neil McKeon is delighted to confirm that we have secured planning permission for plot severance and new dwelling at Truscott Avenue, Winton.

Following an initial refusal by the Council for demolition of a garage and erection of a modest 1-bedroom dwelling, a revised design was submitted (prepared by DOT Architecture) which addressed the Council’s objections in respect of plot size, orientation, proximity to neighbours and the impact on the character and appearance of the area. Despite these amendments, this second application was also refused by the Council in December 2018.

Subsequently, both applications were challenged at appeal, with the Inspector positively receiving the second scheme and acknowledging that the specific design changes overcame the previous reasons for refusal. Unfortunately however, the appeal was dismissed on technical grounds relating to Dorset Heathlands mitigation payments. As a result of the Inspector’s comments, a third application was recently submitted, with the accompanying heathlands mitigation in place in order to secure the long awaited planning permission for the client.

This approval follows an extensive application and appeal process dating back to June 2018, which is welcomed news to the client just before the Christmas break and vindication for the redevelopment of the site to accommodate a new dwelling, despite the Council’s original objections.

As is evident here, at Pure Town Planning we tirelessly exhaust every avenue to secure planning permission. If you have a site which may have backland development potential, which you would like us to assess, why not give us a call or email to info@puretownplanning.co.uk. You may well be missing out on a prospective opportunity.