BCP Council (Poole area): Neil McKeon is delighted to have secured planning permission for two detached dwellings on Palmer Road, Poole.

In April 2020, an application for two backland detached dwellings was refused by the Council in respect to insufficient land assembly, preserving the character and appearance of the area and parking shortfall. Rather than appealing the decision, Pure Town Planning considered that a step by step approach would yield more success for the client.

Pure Town Planning secured approval for a large single bungalow to the rear of the site in April 2022. A subsequent application to split this unit into a pair of semi-detached bungalows was then approved in November 2022. Following this approval, the last step in the process was splitting the built form up to
create a pair of detached bungalows (with DOT Architecture providing the plans), whilst also addressing the LPA’s objections to the original 2020 application.

The original refusal saw a strong LPA objection to a pair of detached bungalows to this backland development. In this particular instance, the strategy behind the application was key to slowly gain as much built form on site as possible, then gradually splitting this built form back into two detached units – which was the client’s ultimate goal. This situation is a good example of how a thought-out planning strategy is paramount in securing consents, even after previously refused applications.

If you have a site with backland development potential, or a previous refusal which needs a fresh planning perspective, then please call us or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk to see if we can assist you.