BCP Council (Christchurch area): Matt Annen is thrilled to announce that he has secured planning permission for a garden severance and erection of a new 5 bedroom house in Christchurch, Dorset.

The application site forms part of a large garden serving the applicant’s property which itself was built following the grant of permission on appeal along with two neighbouring dwellings. These approved three houses followed a previous application for four houses which was dismissed on appeal. The 4th house of which was proposed on the current application site. Therefore as a house in this location had previously been dismissed at appeal we knew we had our work cut out and we put forward a strong rebuttal that since these earlier appeals, there have been other infill developments which have changed the character and context (and prevailing densities) of the area.

The site is covered by a Tree Preservation Order, initially a tree objection was raised by the Council’s tree officer. However working closely with Richard Nicholson (RN APC) and following the preparation of amended plans by Mike Street, together with a scheme for new tree planing, the design team were able remove this objection.

After a 7 month process with a fair amount of back and forth, the planning officer was in agreed with our comprehensive justification and in a position to move forwards with a positive recommendation to Grant, stating in her report; “The siting, scale and design of the proposed unit is considered to preserve the characteristics of the locality and will preserve the amenities of neighbouring occupants in terms of noise nuisance, overlooking and loss of light. Therefore, the scheme complies with Policy HE2 in being compatible with or improving its surrounding in relation to nearby properties including minimising general disturbance to amenity and in its impacts on the character of the area”.

If you have a property with a large side or back garden that you feel may have infill development potential, then please call us on 01202 585524 or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk to see if we can assist you.