BCP Council (Bournemouth): Neil McKeon is pleased to have secured planning permission for a householder extension/remodel in Broadway, Southbourne.


In January 2023, an application to extend the property with a new gable roof configuration was refused by the LPA. Objections included the two storey projection and how this created an overbearing and oppressive impact to neighbouring amenity and the streetscene. The applicant brought the decision to
PTP to consider their options. Following this discussion, it was agreed that it was more productive to revise the plans, rather than taking the decision to appeal.

A revised scheme, (designed by Samways Surveying Ltd) sought to overcome the LPA’s objections. Whilst the Case Officer acknowledged the positive steps taken to overcome prior concerns, additional consultation was needed to amend the plans and demonstrate that the two storey front and rear projections would not harm neighbouring amenity, the building line and the character and appearance
of Broadway. PTP held extensive discussions with the Case Officer and applicant, in order to address the concerns whilst also meeting the client’s needs in delivering an extended two storey 4 bedroom house. Following a thorough consultation process, a common ground was reached and the LPA confirmed support of the revised application.

In this particular case, the collaboration between PTP, the client, the architect and the LPA was crucial in addressing the previous refusal and securing the all-important consent for the client. If you have a property which could be enhanced through extensions/remodelling and want to discuss its future potential, please call us or send an email to info@puretownplanning.co.uk.