Dorset Council (East Dorset area): Chris Miell has secured planning permission for the erection of nine dwellings at Ringwood Road, Ferndown.

The approved plans, which were prepared by ARC Architecture, will provide 9 x 4-bedroom detached dwellings with private gardens and associated parking, including garages. The site is currently occupied by a chalet bungalow and a block of flats, which will be demolished to facilitate the proposed development.

The site has a detailed planning history, which includes an extant permission for the erection of
12 x 3-bedroom semi-detached dwellings. Viability work by Sturt & Company showed that the approved development was unviable due to increasing build costs and the cost of development finance.

Prior to the submission of the latest application, the first step was to review the approved plans and consider what changes could be made to improve the GDV without causing harm to the character and appearance of the area, the living conditions of neighbouring residents and the protected trees. It was agreed by the applicant that they wanted to seek permission for larger, detached dwellings, which would focus on the higher end of the housing market.

The site is located within the New Road Special Character Area and the existing trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). These designations informed the layout of the proposed development, and the application was supported by an arboricultural impact assessment by Richard Nicholson, which demonstrated that the proposal would preserve the health and longevity of the protected trees.

The bulk, scale and massing of the proposed dwellings has been informed by the existing buildings within the local area, whilst the contemporary architecture style utilises traditional building forms with modern finishes and details to create a high-quality bespoke development. These factors ensure that the development responds positively to the character and appearance of the area, including the New Road Special Character Area.

Following discussions with the Planning Officer, we made additional positives changes to further improve the relationship with the neighbouring dwellings to the rear and the protected trees, which resulted in the submission of amended plans to the LPA.

Upon receipt of the amended plans and the viability assessment, the Planning Officer proceeded to recommend approval. In his Officer Report he concluded “The proposed dwellings would sit comfortably on the site with no significant impact on the New Road Special Character Area or demonstrably harmful impact on the amenities of the occupants of the adjacent properties. Trees are shown to be adequately protected and a Biodiversity Plan approved by the Council’s Natural Environment Team would provide the necessary biodiversity mitigation and enhancement.”

The approved development will make effective use of under-utilised land and provide housing for a mixed demographic, whilst safeguarding the character and appearance of the area and neighbouring amenity, which is consistent with Government policy contained within the NPPF.

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