BCP Council (Poole area): Chris Miell is thrilled to announce that he has recently secured planning permission for the sub-division of an existing plot on Magna Road, Poole and the erection of a 4-bedroom detached house with a double garage.

The site is a vacant plot to the side of the host property, which was formerly located within the South East Dorset Green Belt. The application site falls within the ‘UE2: North of Bearwood’ strategic urban extension, which is allocation within the Poole Local Plan (2018) that seeks to deliver a minimum of 800 homes, a 60 bed care home and a community hub.

In 2021, the Council granted planning permission for a hybrid application at allocated site which includes full permission for the demolition of No. 94 Magna Road, construction of primary access roads, formation of multifunctional open spaces, reprofiling to allow for construction of primary surface and foul water infrastructure, installation of mains services and formation of development platform in support of outline permission for the phased development of up to 695 new homes, a 60-bed care home and a community hub.

The application site, despite being allocated within the strategic urban extension on the Proposals Map, does not form part of the approved development. Accordingly, we put forward the argument that there was no longer a need to safeguard this parcel of land for the planned strategic urban extension as the proposed development would not prejudice the future development of the strategic urban extension.

In addition, we argued that the proposal would be consistent with the aims of the NPPF which states that planning decisions should promote and support the development of under-utilised land and buildings, especially if this would help to meet identified needs for housing where land supply is constrained, and available sites could be used more effectively.

As part of the application, we worked closely with architectural designer Harriplan to prepare the scheme. We prepared a thorough supporting design, access and planning statement, which set out the merits of the proposal in a clear and concise manner, showing to the Council that the additional house would not be out of character or harmful to the existing streetscene.

During the consultation period, an objection was made by the Local Highway Authority who expressed concerns about the provision of a shared turning area. Chris reviewed the comments and worked with the Highway Officer to deliver an amended turning layout, which was mutually agreeable to all parties. Upon receipt of the amended plans, the Highway Officer removed their objection to the proposal.

The application was duly approved by the Planning Officer who concluded within her report that the proposal would “preserve the residential character of the area; provide an acceptable standard of amenity for neighbouring residents and future occupants; provides adequate parking and preserve highway safety.”

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