BCP Council (Bournemouth): Neil McKeon is pleased to have secured planning permission for a remodelled and extended dwelling on Broadway, Southbourne.

The existing property is a detached 3 bedroom dwelling with limited first floor footprint. The proposed scheme seeks to echo larger scale redevelopments in the surrounding street, whereby more modestly sized housing has been remodelled to create additional ground and first floor accommodation through sensitively designed extensions – without appear disproportionate in the evolving streetscene.

The proposal secures front and rear extensions with roof alterations to create a spacious 4 bedroom dwelling. A key change is the first floor rear projection and its relationship to its immediate neighbours on both sides. Through consultation with the Case Officer, a single change to a rear elevation balcony was agreed in order to ensure that the privacy and amenity of both existing neighbouring properties and future occupants was safeguarded. Following this alteration, the LPA were fully satisfied and summarily granted the approval.

Collaboration between Pure Town Planning, the client, the architect and the LPA was crucial in quickly addressing Officer comments and securing the consent. If you have a property which could be enhanced through extensions/remodelling and want to discuss further, please call us on 01202 585524, or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk.