BCP Council (Bournemouth): Matt is delighted to share the news that planning permission has been achieved for the erection of single storey rear and front extensions, first floor extension with installation of balconies front and rear and formation of a further floor within the roof space to an existing property close to the cliff top in Boscombe. The scheme was designed by Conceptual Homes Ltd.

This process has been somewhat peculiar because in June 2023, an application to extend the property in very much the same way – turning the chalet bungalow into a 2-storey dwelling with a second floor in the roof form was surprisingly refused because:

“It is considered that the proposed extensions to the dwelling, by reason of appearance, scale and design, would appear contrived and dominant, resulting in an uncharacteristic form of development, that would fail to reflect the character of the host dwelling and the character and appearance of Penrith Road, and which would be harmful”

Following this decision, it was agreed that we would appeal the scheme but also resubmit a revised application amending the design removing the previous front dormer, reducing the ridge height and only show Velux’s in the roof (to reduce the perceived scale). During the course of the application the appointed planning officer was still not happy with the design and unbelievably asked us to re-introduce a central gable feature. This meant the scheme was actually more dominant in the street scene (as it was larger and came further forward) than the refused scheme! However that is what the officer wanted, so that is what we gave her. The scheme was approved earlier this month and the owners will probably end up building this revised larger scheme instead of the previously application which is still at appeal. This is a perfect example of how subjective the planning process can be.

If you have an existing bungalow/chalet which you are looking to redevelop through extensions/remodelling and want to discuss its future potential, please call us or send an email to info@puretownplanning.co.uk.