Dorset Council (former Purbeck area): Matt Annen, is thrilled to announce that he has recently secured outline planning permission for the demolition of a garage court consisting of 26 redundant concrete garages and the erection of 4 chalet style dwellings in Wool in the Purbecks.

The scheme was designed by Harriplan Ltd and Pure Town Planning were instructed to prepare, submit and manage the scheme through the planing process.

The site fell within the settlement boundary of Wool. Policy LD of the Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 states that development should be focussed within settlement boundaries. The policy also includes a hierarchy of settlements, with key service villages including Wool being placed under towns at the top of the hierarchy. Both National and Local planning policies set out the presumption in favour of sustainable development where land within defined settlement boundaries is considered to be a sustainable location for development. The principle of development was therefore considered to be acceptable.

The proposed dwellings were of a similar footprint to the surrounding properties, whilst retaining the area’s distinctive perimeter block structure. Externally, the proposed dwellings would be of a traditional form and be constructed from traditional materials. The officers considered the scale of the proposed dwellings and their amenity space was acceptable in terms of providing a healthy, comfortable and safe internal and external environment in accordance with the National Design Guidance. Also it was noted that due to the physical distance between the buildings, Officers did not consider the proposed dwellings would be overbearing or result in the ability to harmfully overlook the occupiers of any adjoining propoerties. The scheme was subsequently approved under delegated powers towards the end of last month.

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