BCP Council (Bournemouth): Matt Annen is pleased to announce that he has recently secured full planning permission for the demolition of an existing building (containing 4 flats) and its replacement with of a new build block of 11 flats close to the Southbourne cliff top in Bournemouth. This scheme was designed by local firm Anders Roberts Cheer Architects for mutual client  Amirez Developments.

Despite a well thought out design and robustly supported planning submission from Pure Town Planning and the fact that we had already secured a consent on the site for a very similar development containing 9 flats, the planning process from submission to determination still took nearly 6 months! Quite concerningly on this particular case was the dialogue with the officer at the end of the process where the officer essentially insisted that we agree to an extension of time to “ensure” that we receive the decision that week. Matt didn’t agree as he felt that waiting 6 months was unreasonable in this instance and this whole saga of agreeing to extension of time to “pretend” the Council had determined the application within the timescale is masking the serious delays. However not wanting to use a client’s site (and consent) to make a point, Matt did reluctantly agree to a 48 hour extension of time and the decision arrived the next day (surprise surprise!).

If you have a consent for redevelopment and would like to explore the potential to maximise it further, please contact Pure Town Planning on 01202 585524 or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk for a confidential planning appraisal.