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Winchester City Council


Winchester City Council offices

Winchester City Council offices

Winchester City Council, our “home” local authority in Hampshire. The cathedral city and ancient capital of England actually only forms a small part of what is otherwise a largely rural authority. The district encompasses a large swathe of central Hampshire countryside – much of which now falls within the new South Downs National Park (see below).





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Key points about developing in Winchester

Development Plan: Winchester has an adopted Core Strategy (also known as Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy) which is joint with the South Downs National Park area within the City council area (until the South Downs National Park Authority adopt its own Local Plan). Winchester has also adopted a Local Plan Part 2 “Development Management and Site Allocations” which doesn’t apply to the South Downs National Park. Within the National Park some of the saved policies from the old Winchester District Local Plan Review 2006 still apply.

Pre-application advice: Winchester charges for this service (no charge for householder proposals) with fees dependent upon the scale of the proposal and whether you require a full detailed or an in-principle response. Call us for advice on whether this service is worthwhile in your case.

Affordable Housing: The new Core Strategy has no threshold so the national thresholds of 10 units (5 units in the South Downs National Park) or 1000 sqm applies. Proposals above these levels will be expected to provide 40% (of the gross numbers) as affordable housing. On sites of fewer than 5 dwellings a financial contribution will be accepted but 5 or more it will be expected on site.

Community Infrastructure Levy:

The following rates of CIL apply within Winchester City Council area outside the National Park:

Residential: Zone 1 (the strategic allocations which will contribute separately): nil; Zone 2 (Winchester settlement boundary) £144.81 per sqm; Zone 3 (everywhere else outside the National Park) £96.54 per sqm

Hotel: £84.47 per sqm

Retail: (all Winchester town centre shops plus convenience stores, supermarkets and retail warehouses elsewhere only) £144.81 per sqm

Everything else (including other retail types): nil

The following rates apply within the South Downs National Park:

Residential: Zone 2: £200 per sqm (Zone 1 rate of £150 per sqm applies to the towns of of Petersfield, Lewes, Petworth, Midhurst and Liss all outside Winchester City Council area)

Retail: large stores only £120 per sqm

Everything else (including other retail types): nil

Special policy restrictions:

A substantial area of the district is within the South Downs National Park. The National Park Authority are actually the local planning authority for that area but they have delegated out most day-to-day determination of planning applications to the City Council only dealing with the most significant proposals.

The Council has a policy to try and encourage new small dwellings – on sites of 2 or more units at least 50% must be 1 or 2 bedroom dwellings under 75 sqm. There are also restrictions on extending or replacing small dwellings in the countryside.

New residential development has to meet the equivalent of  Level 4 for the energy & CO2 and water sections of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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