That is what Fareham Borough Council is asking residents. Did you know that there are plans under way for what they call a “new community” of 7000 homes just north of Fareham? Some might call it an urban extension or even that old fashioned term which somehow planners see as having negative connotations – a suburb. Either way its a fairly substantial development area.

With the site now enshrined in the Core Strategy (adopted last August), Fareham is in the process of producing an Area Action Plan, effectively an overall design for the community, and it wants local residents views to feed into the final plans. The first of three phases of the consultation is open now (but only until this Friday midday) and takes the form of a survey on open space, housing and community facilities. Would you like a bigger garden and less public open space or a smaller garden and more? Have your say! It is pleasing to see that they are considering providing “self-build” housing plots within the proposal – something which I would like to see a lot more. It would be good to see “affordable” plots for low-cost self-builders. Anyway you can find the survey here.

As ever give us a call with any queries…

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