Borough of Poole:  Darryl Howells has secured planning permission to vary a condition to allow an annexe originally only permitted to be used only as ancillary accommodation to a dwelling, to now be used as a self-contained holiday let. The property is positioned in the Canford Cliffs Village Conservation Area.

The Borough of Poole (the Local Planning Authority) granted planning permission back in 2014 for the demolition of a dwelling and the erection of a new replacement dwelling with detached garage which had the annexe above. The LPA imposed a condition stating that the annexe could not be used for any purpose other than ancillary accommodation to the main house.

A new client approached Darryl due to his extensive LPA experience and knowledge of the area and instructed him to prepare, submit and vary the condition in any way that Darryl could suggest to enable an alternative use.

Darryl submitted the application with an appeal decision that he was aware of, that authorised the use of a similar building but in a different conservation area.  The Senior Planning Officer accepted all of Darryl’s arguments that there would be no adverse impact on the character of the area. The application was subsequently approved using the officer’s delegated powers.

If you have a building which is restricted in use by planning conditions, then contact Pure Town Planning who may be able to suggest alternative uses or variations that could be secured with the right planning arguments and evidence.