East Dorset District Council: Darryl Howells and Richard Mears have secured planning permission for the change of use and alterations of a commercial building in Verwood. The ground floor will change from Use Class A2 (financial and professional services) to a mixed Use Class A3/A4 (restaurant/bar) whilst the first floor will change from Use Class A2 into Use Class B1(a) (office). The alterations approved include a single storey rear extension and a replacement rear dormer window.

The client instructed Pure Town Planning to prepare the planning application which included a retail survey being undertaken by Richard Mears because East Dorset District Council has an adopted planning policy that restricts the number of non-A1 uses in any designated local centre.

The conclusion of the survey established that there were 52 commercial units of which 55.7% were A1 (retail) units so the proposed use was acceptable in planning terms.   Pure Town Planning successfully argued that the proposed use would actually add to the vitality and viability of the local centre and would not harm the amenities of neighbouring residential or commercial occupiers.  The planning officer wholly agreed with Darryl’s commentary and justification, and some minor tweaks to the layout, the proposed development was approved under delegated powers.

Word has reached us that Renoufs are set to be moving into the property – opening their fourth wine and cheese bar in Dorset (highly recommended if you haven’t been!).

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