BCP Council (Poole): Darryl Howells has secured planning permission for the erection of a two-storey extension to a house in Upper Parkstone, Poole.  The plans were drawn by Keith Gould of Asplan Associates, but the client asked that Darryl submitted and handled the application due to his historic links with Poole and the officers therein. 

Darryl prepared a planning statement that justified the extension in policies terms, and demonstrated that there would be no harm to the street scene, nor to neighbouring residential amenities.   The planning officer considered that the proposed extension which would result in a change from a three to five double bedroom house was acceptable and could be supported under delegated powers.

This is an example of how Pure Town Planning has helped a client maximise the potential for development on the site and dramatically increase the amount and quality of the habitable accommodation, and most likely the value of the property overall in monetary terms.  If you want to secure such a goal, then please discuss your ideas with one of our planning consultants and see if we can also make your dreams in a reality.