BCP Council (Poole) : Darryl Howells has secured planning permission for the demolition of two existing houses and the erection of two replacement dwellings of contemporary architecture, originally designed by David James Architects & Partners.  The first house is to be positioned fronting onto Panorama Road, Sandbanks and will be a 2-storey flat-roof dwelling with projecting first floor elements.  The second house being a 3-storey flat-roof dwelling with first and second floor balconies, positioned adjacent to the waterside.  

Darryl put forward a robust and sound planning statement justifying the scheme in light of adopted planning policies.  Whilst Darryl resolved many of the issues to the acceptance of the Planning Officer, one matter did require some negotiation. That matter was flood risk and the position of the finished slab level above Ordinance Datum. Usually for new housing in Flood Zones 2 & 3 the LPA would require an increased slab level however doing so, elevates the proposed houses above older neighbouring houses and can prejudice the scheme by reason of its dominance. In this instance Darryl convinced the planning officer that in the event that the Environment Agency did not object to a lower finished level of slab, then the application could be approved without causing harm to the established streetscenes or waterfront. The planning officer of many years’ experience accepted the negotiated position and supported the planning application.

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