New Forest District Council: Chris Miell is excited to announce that he has secured planning permission for a backland development of two dwellings in Ringwood.

The site is located to the rear of two existing dwellings on Eastfield Lane. The proposed development will deliver 2 x 3-bedroom bungalows in a sustainable location close to local facilities and transport links.

As part of the application, we worked closely with ARC Architecture to prepare the scheme.

Prior to submission we undertook a detailed review of the site constraints, which identified that a small part of the site was at risk of future flooding due to climate change. Therefore, we ensured the new dwellings were located outside of the flood zone and advised the client to raise to finished floor levels of the dwelling to safeguard the future occupiers for the lifetime of the development.

In addition, we prepared a thorough design, access and planning statement in support of the application, which set out the merits of the proposal in a clear and concise manner, showing to the local planning authority that two additional dwellings in this location would not be out of character or harmful to neighbouring amenity.

The application was approved by the Planning Officer who concluded within her Officer Report that “There are a variety of house types in Eastfield Lane and the proposed dwellings would reflect the hipped roof form and smaller gables of many other properties locally. It is considered that the single storey nature of the proposal would not harm the rural eastern edge of the site or impact on wider views towards the east”.

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