Dorset Council:  Darryl Howells, a director the firm has recently secured two planning permissions on a site in St Ives near Ringwood, to deliver three new detached chalet bungalows. The plans were drawn by Alister Scott of Scott Worsfold Associates, but our client instructed our firm to submit the planning application and handle the negotiations to secure the desired outcome.

The original decision was secured several months ago by Darryl, for the demolition of two existing bungalows and the erection of two chalet bungalows and another bungalow.  Following this approval, our client reconsidered the viability of the scheme and asked Darryl how to amend the approval to create three detached chalet bungalows. Darryl suggested that a “Section 73 application” could be approved which would simply approved amended drawing numbers to the original. Using this route would significantly reduce the planning application fee and the documents that would be required.

The application was registered and was considered by the Local Planning Authority officer. Despite some local opposition and objection from the Parish Council, Darryl was able to provide to the planning officer sufficient comfort that there would be no material harm to the street scene or neighbouring amenities. The plans were slightly amended by Alister’s team, and were received quickly to resolve the area of concern, namely to provide further context of the site showing houses that have been allowed at appeal (also won by Darryl) but not yet constructed.

When the officer made a recommendation to approve, the team leader highlighted that the LPA had registered the application with a different description of development from the original, citing the erection of 3 chalet bungalows.  Under the Regulations, a Section 73 application cannot be used to change the description.

Working with the planning officer and the team leader, Darryl agreed to be submit a non-material amendment application to change the original approved description from two chalet bungalows and one bungalow to three dwellings.  With the assistance of the team leader, the application was prioritised by the Council’s registration team and registered within three days of submission. The team leader then used her delegated powers to approve the non-material amendment application changing the description to three dwellings only.  Then, Darryl changed the description on the Section 73 application to three dwellings so the decision was approved 24 hours later.

The process above was complex, but demonstrates the successful working relationship that Darryl has with many Local Planning Authority officers and ability to work with them to find creative solutions to problems.  Darryl would like to take this opportunity to thank publicly the pro-active response received from the planning officer and the team leader, which clearly aided the approval of the non-material amendment and Section 73 application.

If you would like to maximise your development potential or have experienced resistance from a Local Planning Authority to grant permission to develop your site as you would prefer to do so, then please contact one of our planning consultants for a free no obligation consultation, as we are often able to produce creative ideas and secure permissions to move our clients’ projects forward and realise potential.