Dorset Council: Darryl Howells, a director Pure Town Planning has secured another caravan related permission for a site in East Dorset. The Certificate of Lawfulness of an Existing Use or Development (CLEUD) has been issued for the erection of a 2 storey building for a mixed ancillary use comprising reception, clubroom/bar, shop, kitchen, toilets, games room, with manager’s flat and office.

The client originally received planning permission for a caravan office, clubroom and other ancillary uses, however when he constructed the building, the final design significantly varied from that approved. Coupled with the extensive changes, was the creation of a manager’s flat as it would normally be refused planning permission due to the geographical proximity to a nearby Site of Special Scientific Interest of heathland, where housing is not permitted within 400 metres.

Darryl presented a strong planning case with evidence that demonstrated that the works were undertaken and completed more than 4 years ago and that the use of the manager’s flat was not as an independent dwelling, but ancillary to the caravan park. The Local Planning Authority accepted the arguments posed by Darryl and issued the Certificate of Lawfulness quickly.

If you have constructed a building that varies from that which was approved with planning permission, then you may be susceptible to enforcement action. In some cases there maybe policy restrictions that now prohibit a retrospective planning application (which in this case was adopted Government policy regarding the SSSI). If you find yourself with a building that does not benefit from planning permission, then please contact one of our planning consultants to ascertain the best procedure to resolve the matter either by reason of a retrospective application or CLUED.