Eastleigh District Council:  Darryl Howells, a director of the firm has secured planning permission to position a timber shed in the rear garden of each of thirty houses on a housing estate located within a registered Listed Park. Darryl and the client had previously secured planning permission to convert former police barrack buildings into the dwellings and provide each with a small private garden.  The Local Planning Authority (LPA) removed permitted development rights which included the right to erect a building to store garden equipment and other paraphernalia. As such the client approached Darryl with the question of how to accommodate the residents’ needs in terms of providing them with a timber shed without breaching planning control.  

Whilst the choice included the option to apply for thirty sheds individually and thereby require a total planning fee of £6,180 (householder fee of £206 x 30 applications), Darryl opted to apply for variation of the condition so the planning fee was only £400 in total.

Having read Darryl’s explanation and justification for the sheds in light of adopted planning policies and residents’ needs, the Senior Planning Officer welcomed and understood the rationale that Darryl presented and supported the scheme to the Planning Committee who in turn supported the officer’s recommendation to approve. 

If you have received planning permission for a development and there is an imposition of a condition that is causing difficulties for whatever reason, please contact one of our consultants who will be able to suggest a way to resolve the issue and the correct process to achieve that goal, quickly and cheaply.