BCP Council (Poole): Matt Annen is delighted to confirm planning permission has been granted for a new “superhome” with ancillary pavilion and formation of a natural pool in Bury Road, within the Branksome Park Conservation Area. The proposal sees the demolition of the existing tired house and the erection of a one-off 9000 sqft expansive house superbly designed by Marlow Architects.

The site was subject to a number of TPOs and the scheme proposed the removal of seven trees. However this scheme will deliver the planting of seven new higher-quality Scots or Maritime Pine trees, of a size and in a location to be agreed with the Council. Following a number of meetings between the Council’s tree officer and applicant’s tree consultant, the tree officer confirmed his support for the proposed development which resulted in a long-term and sustainable tree-to-building relationship.

During the process an objection was received from the Council’s conservation officer in respect of the orientation of the new dwelling, size of footprint, design, level of glazing and materials. Pure Town Planning presented a strong rebuttal to the appointed planning officer demonstrating that there was a mix of ages and architectural styles including more recent highly glazed contemporary dwellings along the road. The planning officer when weighing up the planning balance did not share the views of her conservation colleague. Her case officer’s report explained her recommendation in light of these comments and justified why in her, and her team leader’s view the scheme was of good design, maintained the spacious and verdant feel of the road and enhanced the quality of the architecture within street scene.

There were no letters of objection received from any neighbours and ordinarily this application would have been approved under delegated powers, however it had to go before committee for determination as the owner and our client is a Councillor and that is the due process at BCP Council.

If you are thinking of embarking on a project to realise your dream home whether that be via a remodel or full replacement, we’d be happy to assist you navigate the planning process.