BCP Council (Poole): Matt Annen is delighted to confirm that he has recently secured planning permission for to demolish an existing garage, sever the plot and erect a new detached dwelling with garage and a new garage for the existing house.

This application followed a very similar approved scheme for a detached dwelling on the plot, but the key differences with this revised scheme was that this new house proposed an additional floor of accommodation within the roof form. The principle of development had previously been agreed as had the relationship with the parent dwelling on the site which remained much the same as the approved scheme. This relationship has already been deemed acceptable even though it left the parent dwelling with a much reduced curtilage and the new house will be in close proximity to the principal side elevation of the existing house.

Therefore the only considerations for the planning officer on this revised scheme came down to whether there was:
· Any impact on neighbours’ amenities
· Any impact on the character of the area including the heritage interest of the Conservation Area
· Any highways impact

The planning officer concluded that no harm was raised in respect of the above factors and that the proposal will fulfil the requirements of the relevant Local Plan policies including policies PP27 and PP28.

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