Winchester permitted development prior approval extensionWinchester City Council: Pure Town Planning has just received confirmation from Winchester City Council that a larger rear extension proposed at a house in Harestock may go ahead. The owners are taking advantage of the time limited permitted development right introduced last year allowing larger single storey rear extensions in order to create a larger replacement conservatory. Rear extensions within the larger category (between 4 and 8 metres for a detached dwelling and between 3 and 6 metres for any other dwelling) require an application to be made to the Council to determine whether their prior approval is required. The Council will write to any immediate immediate neighbours and prior approval is only necessary if one of them objects. In this case there were no objections so the Council could only issue a notice that prior approval  was not required and that the development could go ahead.

We’ve done a few of these now but generally we get the impression that the uptake of this permitted development right has been a bit sluggish. Homeowners should be reminded that this right is due to run out in May 2016 – and the development has to have been completed by that date. Just to recap: normally a permitted development rear extension on a detached house can extend no further beyond the original rear wall than 4m for a detached house and 3m for any other. Until May 2016, and subject to the prior approval  application noted above,  these distances double to 8m and 6m.

If you wish to discuss how permitted development rights might benefit you then do please get in touch with us.