BCP Council (Poole area): Chris Miell has recently secured planning permission to install a new sauna on Sandbanks Promenade.

The proposed sauna is a bespoke structure is operated by our clients the Saltwater Sauna, who have been operating in Sandbanks for over two years. Prior to the erection of the new sauna structure, a smaller sauna was stationed at the site.

The Saltwater Sauna offer an authentic Finnish wood-fired sauna experience, which attracts tourists and locals, and likeminded sauna and sea swimming enthusiasts from all walks of life. The positioning of the sauna near to the beach is essential and allows users to partake in ‘Contrast Therapy’, a technique involving with Nordic origins which consists of a 15-minute sauna, followed by a cold-water dip (repeated).

Aside from the health benefits from using the sauna, the development also contributes positively to function of Sandbanks beach as a key tourist destination, making best use of its unique beachfront location, its customer offer and ensuring the business remains profitable and BCP’s economy remains prosperous.

The overall appearance of the new sauna is contemporary in nature with sustainable materials and construction techniques utilised throughout. Externally the sauna is finished with black stained FSC timber cladding with contrasting cedar reveals, slanted roof and vertical wall cladded in Plastisol coated Galvanised metal sheeting. Solar panels are also fitted onto the roof of the sauna, which generate all the electricity for the development to ensure that it’s sustainable and can operate ‘off-grid’.  

During the planning process, an objection was lodged by the Council’s Highway Engineer related to the position of the sauna doors at the rear of the building because they open outwards onto the Promenade.

Chris successful negotiated with the LPA to resolve their concerns, thorough the installation of planters and externally lighting at the site, both of which illuminate the sauna and prevent pedestrians from walking in front of the doors. These works were secured with planning conditions.

The application received significant public support from local residents and visitors, with the Council’s Tourism Officer noting that “The saltwater sauna will be a positive asset to the destination and tourism offer and we would therefore have no objections to this application”.

Our client was understandably delighted when the planning permission was granted and they are looking forward to welcoming customers to the new sauna this bank holiday weekend. If you would like to pursue a commerical development, then why not call Pure Town Planning on 01202 585524 or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk to see how we can help you.