London Borough of Richmond: Jess Glover is delighted to announce that she has recently secured full planning permission for extensions to an existing building to form a new self-contained flat in Hampton Wick, London.

Prior to the favourable decision, the site was the subject of a refusal for an identical scheme which was dismissed at appeal in May 2019. The previous application was refused by the London Borough of Richmond who had concerns about the character of the area and neighbouring amenity. At the appeal Pure Town Planning successfully pursuaded the Planning Inspector that the scheme was acceptable in both these regards. The Inspector only dismissed the scheme based upon a lack of a financial contribution towards affordable housing. As such, the dismissed appeal paved the way for a planning approval – with the required planning contribution secured early on in the process.

Planning appeal decisions, even if dismissed, carry considerable weight in the planning system. This was another classic case of a dismissed planning appeal decision nonetheless being instrumental in overcoming a local authority’s objection to a scheme.

The client was understandably thrilled with the decision and is now preparing for the development of the site.

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