Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce successfully securing planning permission for the erection of a replacement 2/3 storey contemporary dwelling on Excelsior Road in Lower Parkstone.

The scheme involves the demolition of the existing 1950’s style dwelling – a single storey bungalow appearance from the road but two storeys stepping down the hillside to the rear. The new dwelling is a substantial step forward in design from the existing dated property and delivers an eye-catching 4-bedroom development with spacious open plan layouts and terraced areas to the rear elevation. This particular aspect of the proposal was key as the extensive rear glazing on all three levels provides panoramic views of Poole Harbour.

Given the clear transition to a more contemporary development within the Excelsior Road cul-de-sac, consultation was undertaken between Pure Town Planning, the Borough of Poole Planning Officer and the architects Tony Holt Design, in order to address all aspects regarding the quantum of development, architectural style and its associated impacts on neighbouring properties within Excelsior Road. Following in-depth collaboration between respective parties to address the above, the Council were fully satisfied with all aspects of the proposal. The Officers recognised the merits of this meticulously designed scheme and how it delivers an attractive contemporary dwelling in this sought after location overlooking the harbour.

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