Image courtesy of ARC architects
Image courtesy of ARC architects

Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning recently secured a valuable planning permission for 8 apartments in the prestigious area of Canford Cliffs near Sandbanks in Poole. The development proposed the replacement of a relatively recent building containing 2 flats with a 4 storey building containing 8 flats with basement parking with fantastic views over Poole Harbour towards Sandbanks and Brownsea Island. The scheme was designed by Anders Roberts Cheer Architects.

Our client originally approached Pure Town Planning following a refusal of consent by Borough of Poole. The application was refused on multiple grounds. Pure Town Planning conducted the appeal which whilst being dismissed was actually a considerable success as it resolved all the issues which the Council had except two minor concerns – the appeal was only dismissed on the basis that the Inspector was not satisfied that the protected trees at the site would be satisfactorily protected both during construction and in the future and that the proposed second and third floor windows on the rear elevation would allow overlooking to the properties behind.

These two minor concerns were easily addressed under the revised application; Pure Town Planning arranged for a structural engineers report including a full construction methodology and a revised Arboricultural Method Statement to be submitted which overcame the Inspectors first concern regarding impact on protected trees. Then in terms of the Inspector’s second concern regarding overlooking at the rear, we simply removed all rear facing windows (and obscure glazed the communal circulation windows) which immediately addressed the outstanding issues.

But that wasn’t the end of the story! The neighbours to the rear were still aggrieved by the application and asked the Ward Councillor to “call in” the application, so it meant that the application had to be determined at Planning Committee. So despite all our hard work on the appeal and then revised application to convince the planning officer, his team leader, the tree officer, the highways officer and the urban design officer that the scheme was acceptable we now had to convince the members of the planning committee as well! Matt presented the deputation to the Planning Board explaining the history and justifying why the application should be approved. It was put to the vote and the development was overwhelmingly approved by the Members.

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