Walkford Christchurch two dwellings planning consultant dorsetChristchurch Borough Council: Pure Town Planning are celebrating another residential planning approval in Christchurch. The latest addition to Pure Town Planning’s rapidly growing list of approvals in 2015 saw a two garden assembly site which created a pair of semi-detached dwellings in Walkford, Christchurch.

Pure Town Planning were instructed following a previous withdrawn scheme on site by another firm of planning consultants. That scheme was withdrawn because of flood risk implications which meant that scheme was heading for a refusal. It was clear to the developer that a fresh approach was required. Pure Town Planning were brought on board to sort out the site. Matt jumped straight to work and went through the planning history and found a solution which rotated the built form 90 degrees on the site which took the buildings outside of the flood zone. After receiving confirmation from the Head of Planning at Christchurch Borough Council that this idea would overcome the previous flood risk concerns a revised scheme was drawn up and submitted. The proposed plans were prepared by local architects; Anders Roberts Cheer who devised a scheme which sat comfortably on its plot. The scheme was approved last week.Walkford Christchurch two dwellings planning consultant Bournemouth

Over 5 years on from the “end of garden grabbing” headlines, Pure Town Planning continue to demonstrate that where proposals are appropriate to their context, development on garden land is alive and well. We believe that our continued success is down to a good understanding of the context of the site from the outset and getting the plans right prior to submission, together with a comprehensive supporting planning statement and constant liaising with the necessary officers at the Council.

If you are wondering whether your garden, either on its own or in combination with neighbouring gardens, has any development potential then we would be delighted to advise you. We offer a confidential FREE half hour consultation so to discuss whether back-land development on your property is a possibility call us on 01202 585524 or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk to find out how we may be able to help you.