Christchurch Borough Council: Pure Town Planning are celebrating another appeal win in Christchurch. The proposal was for a three storey mixed-use building with a 4000 square foot supermarket on the ground floor with eleven apartments on the upper two floors.

The scheme had previously been turned down twice by Christchurch Borough Council who felt that three storeys was too many in this location. After wisely securing consent for a two storey scheme, the owners then turned to Pure Town Planning to try and win the extra floor on appeal.

We successfully persuaded the Inspector that the three-storey scheme would not detract from the character and appearance of the area indeed would be a landmark building which would make a positive contribution to the urban environment. We were also able to convince the Inspector that the proposal would not appear unduly dominant from the adjoining residential streets.

Have you have received planning permission but wonder whether you have really maximised the potential of the site? Sometimes a planning appeal is the only way to be sure. If you want to try for a little bit more then why not speak to Pure Town Planning about your chances on appeal?

FOOTNOTE: Christchurch Borough is one of the few remaining places where you can develop this many units without any requirement for affordable housing. But this situation is soon set to change when East Dorset Borough Council and Christchurch adopt their joint Core Strategy early next year. Developers of new residential units in East Dorset or Christchurch would be advised to get their applications in soon before the 15 unit threshold is removed completely.