Sorry no fancy drinks reception, but it is a milestone we couldn’t let go by without a brief mention. What an exciting six months it has been! Sadly our remarkable “honeymoon” period is now over as our 100% success record which has been with us throughout these six months finally fell – we had a planning appeal dismissed last week. Of course it had to happen sooner or later – in the development industry if you get planning consent every time then you are almost certainly playing it too safe and not pushing the boundaries hard enough!

Anyway that’s it – we won’t break stride, we’ll just get stuck back in working harder than ever to gain our clients the best planning approvals as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

If you want to give us a call to congratulate us on this momentous occasion feel free but we’d much rather you gave us a call to talk about how we can assist you getting planning permission!

2 thoughts on “Pure Town Planning celebrates…six months in business!

  1. Hi Dan
    Well done on your first 6 months. I am about to leave local government as Head of Planning at the Peak District National Park and set up as sole practitioner. I was impressed that you seem to have done well despite the economic circumstances and wondered whether you have any tips for generating work.
    Bob Bryan

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