Poole DPD Cover Following the receipt of the Inspector’s report Poole Borough Council are expected to adopt its Site Specific Allocations and  Development Management Policies DPD and Delivering Poole’s Infrastructure DPD at a meeting of the Council on 24 April 2012.

The Site Specific Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD (SSAADMPDPD!) combines a host of policies relating to specific sites and areas with some generic policies relating to Design, Heritage, Shopping and Tourism amongst other things. All the latest planning policy jargon is in there (let us know if you want to know what Heritage Asset, Green Infrastructure or Demand Management means!) but what will change? Well apart from policies relating to affected sites not a great deal really.

And the Delivering Poole’s Infrastructure DPD? Arguably even more impenetrable, this simply paves the way for Poole to introduce its Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule (visit our Intelligence page for a briefing note on CIL) which will soon also be subject to another Examination by an Inspector.


As ever if you have any queries on planning policy then call us.