England: A Happy New Year to all our readers, clients and colleagues. But we begin with the news that just before Christmas parliamentary approval was given to the legislation which will introduce a 20% increase to planning fees – the change will take effect from 17 January 2018. This means that any application not registered before that date will have to pay the increased fees.

The key increases confirmed are:

Householder application increases from £172 to £206

Outline application (up to 2.5 ha) increases from £385 per 0.1 ha to £462 per 0.1 ha

Full application for residential development (creating up to 50 new dwellings) increases from £385 per dwelling to £462 per dwelling

Full application for new build (not dwellings or agricultural and creating 45-3750 sqm) increases from £385 per 75 sqm to £462 per 75 sqm

Change of use (except to create dwellings) increases from £385 to £462

Discharge of conditions increases from £97 to £116 (£28 to £34 for householder)

Removal or variation of conditions increases from £195 to £234

This covers most applications which are relevant to our clients – if you want to know the new fee for another project please get in touch. If you have any queries call Pure Town Planning on 01202 585524 or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk.