Poole DPD CoverPoole Borough Council went ahead and adopted its Site Specific Allocations and  Development Management Policies DPD and Delivering Poole’s Infrastructure DPD at a meeting of the Council on 24 April 2012.

The old Local Plan is now defunct save for three rather randomly retained policies:

              • T12 – Coach and Lorry Park
              • E1 – Employment Land
              • CF1 – School Sites

Why does this happen? It’s so untidy!

The adoption of these policies together with the forthcoming Community Infrastructure Levy (see the Briefing Note on our Intelligence page) means that developers and landowners would be well advised to revisit any proposals or sites in Poole just to check how they might be affected. If this applies to you call us with the details so we can advise you – remember we offer a free half-hour consultation.