Ashley Heath
Image courtesy of Williams Lester Architects

East Dorset District Council: At the end of last year Pure Town Planning celebrated an appeal win for a new dwelling at Ashley Heath near Ringwood against East Dorset District Council.

The proposal was for a plot subdivision and a new dwelling in one of East Dorset’s “Special Character Areas”. The successful appeal won consent for a small dwelling which was particularly undistinguished in appearance. The Council, having had to accept that something will be built on the site, were receptive to the idea of allowing a larger dwelling in return for a much more attractive appearance.

Pure Town Planning negotiated a floorspace increase of about a third and the application sailed through planning without a hitch. It just goes to show that often an appeal decision (whether successful or not) is just a stepping stone on the way to achieving something else.

If you have a planning consent that you are not entirely happy with then why not give Pure Town Planning a call and see if we can help you renegotiate a better deal.