The great wall of Upton planning consultant bournemouthPurbeck District Council: Pure Town Planning have just gained retrospective planning permission for a front and side boundary wall in Upton, Dorset with plans supplied by Design and Development Associates.

Our client was incorrectly informed by their builder that the wall was being built within permitted development rights. Unfortunately being adjacent to a highway, permitted development only allowed a 1m wall or fence rather than the 2m height which was built. This meant soon after the costly building work was completed the enforcement officers at Purbeck District Council were in touch advising the homeowner to either demolish the wall or seek retrospective planning permission (which, in the words of the officer was unlikely to be successful).

The client came to us seeking advice on what would be his best approach to regularise the situation. Pure Town Planning recommended that a planning application seeking retrospective planning permission be submitted. We put together a planning statement explain why the wall needed to be two metres in height to provide private amenity space for the rear and side garden and how it could not be considered to be harmful to the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

With the application submitted, the Case Officer agreed with the argument set out in the accompanying Planning Statement and subsequently granted planning permission.

The client was obviously happy saying ‘Thank you so much to yourself & your team for making things so simple & less stressful.

If you have encountered enforcement issues of late and are banging your head against a brick wall (literally as was the case with this project!) why not contact us on 01202 585524 or for a free confidential 30-minute consultation on how we could help you. AND finally PLEASE if there is any doubt about whether your building works are permitted development seek our advice in advance!