New Forest National Park Authority:  Darryl Howells, a director of the firm has secured planning permission for a single storey extension to a house in Woodlands in the national park.  The nature of the application seems simple, however the reality of dealing with the application was actually difficult.

The main consideration in this case was not the design or resultant impact upon the character or appearance of the area, but a mathematical calculation of floor space as Policy DP36 of the Core Strategy, allows for a 30% limit of floorspace to existing dwellings.  Beyond 30% then the LPA’s usual stance is to refuse planning permission irrespective of the design.

Following submission of the planning application, the planning officer advised Darryl that in her opinion the proposed extension increased the floor space of the dwelling above the 30% threshold and therefore was minded to refuse the application.  Upon receipt of this response, Darryl provided a robust response to explain that our proposed extension fell below the 30% threshold and reminded the LPA of various appeal decisions that supported our position.

Following submission of our response, the LPA changed their position and accepted the proposed plans and the evidence presented; then approved the proposed extension under their delegated powers.

Its not always the larger planning applications that require extensive negotiations, more often than not, smaller household extensions need specialist assistance.  If you want an extension to your home, and fear the Council’s planning policies may not support your application then please contact one of our planning consultants to discuss the scheme and the potential problems, but then let us advise you of the solutions.