ShaplandAvenue approved planning consultant BournemouthBournemouth Borough Council: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce that we have secured planning permission for the erection of a new 3 bedroom bungalow on land to the rear of 5-7 Shapland Avenue in Bear Cross, Bournemouth.

A previous application was refused at Planning Committee in April last year. Following this refusal, the applicant instructed PTP to appeal the decision to the Planning Inspectorate. Whereas the appeal was dismissed in February 2016, this was solely on technical grounds regarding the Section 106 legal agreement. Most importantly for the applicant, the Inspector took our arguments on board and overturned the previous objections of the LPA regarding harm to the amenity of neighbouring properties, ecological concerns and any undue harm to the character or appearance of the area.

Following this appeal decision, PTP resubmitted the planning application to the LPA with an updated Section 106 legal agreement. The proposal would use a shared access drive between 5-7 Shapland Avenue to the rear of site bungalow with integral garage. Additional acoustic fencing avoided any harmful impact of noise or disturbance to neighbouring properties and a comprehensive ecological survey also mitigated against harm to local wildlife. Subsequently, following further consultation with the respective Officers throughout the process, the application was granted approval – much to the delight of the applicant.

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