Wiltshire Council: Pure Town Planning has recently secured approval to convert a vacant office premises into 16 self-contained flats in the town centre of Salisbury.

The application utilised permitted development rights that allow offices to be converted to residential use (in planning Use Class terms a B1 to C3 chanve of use), subject to compliance with the relevant restrictions. Unlike a full planning application, a prior approval application for B1 to C3 can only be considered on the four issues following issues; flooding; contamination; highways and transport issues and noise impact.

In this instance, the applicant had to submit a noise impact assessment and flood risk assessment to the local planning authority to demonstrate that occupiers of the flats would be safe for the lifetime of the development. Upon consideration of the documents, the Planning Officer concluded the development was acceptable and duly approved the application.

A planning application for external works to the existing building (permitted development rights only allow internal works), including the installation of replacement windows, a remodel of the entrance and repaint of the building is currently under consideration and an approval notice is expected to be issued in the coming weeks.

So, if you have office space (small or large) and think it is suitable for conversion to residential use, why not give Pure Town Planning a call on 01202 585524 or email at info@puretownplanning.co.uk for a FREE 30 minute consultation.