BCP Council (Bournemouth area): Chris Miell has recently secured planning permission for a plot split in the Queens Park area of Bournemouth. The site is located near to junction of Southill Road and Strouden Road and the plot was formed by assembling garden land from two existing dwellings. The proposed development, which was designed by DOT Architecture, will deliver a two-bedroom detached dwelling with a study and off-street parking for two vehicles.

During the application, a number of objections were submitted by local residents relating to neighbouring amenity, highway safety and overdevelopment. Chris reviewed the comments and submitted a robust rebuttal to the Planning Officer, which demonstrated that the proposal would not result in any harmful impacts.

In addition, we prepared a thorough planning statement in support of the application, which demonstrated to the LPA that the proposal would develop the under-utilised site in an effective manner to deliver additional housing within Borough, which is an area where housing supply is constrained, as evidenced by the Council’s housing land supply of 2.3 years.

In assessing the proposal, the Planning Officer concluded “The piece of land is now considered an acceptable size for an infill development. The proposed design of the dwellinghouse is considered acceptable with a bay window feature, render and red brick materials and a footprint and height in keeping with the general pattern of development. The proposed dwelling has a rear garden, which overcomes previous refusal reasons”.

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