Test Valley Borough Council: Pure Town Planning are delighted to announce that they have recently secured consent for the  conversion of former stables to create additional living space to a dwelling at West Tytherley in Hampshire. The necessary alterations approved included infilling the open front of the stable building with full height and width sliding glazing.

The building is a former agricultural barn which historically was converted into a workshop/office until a successful Prior Approval application (secured by Pure Town Planning back in 2014) permitted the change of use of the building to a dwelling house.

The client came to us with the intention to maximise their internal living space, thereby creating a more useable open-plan living area, by incorporating the adjoining stables into their living accommodation.

As the site lies within the open countryside, Pure Town Planning devised a comprehensive Design, Access and Planning Statement to justify that the proposal would safeguard the landscape character of the area and have minimal impact upon biodiversity.

The Case Officer’s Report agreed that the extensions would have minimal impact upon the landscape by reason that there would be no increase in physical built form on the site. The Case Officer noted that ‘given the design and size of the extension and that any glimpsed views of the proposal would be seen in the context of the existing dwelling it is considered that the proposal would not give rise to a more visually intrusive dwelling in this countryside location.

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