Borough of Poole:  Darryl Howells has secured planning permission for two storey extensions to an existing dwelling and its conversion to a 9-bedroom House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).  The application site is in Kingland Road near Poole town centre. The client instructed Barry Mills to prepare the planning drawings but instructed Darryl to prepare the planning statement, submit the planning application for 10 bedrooms in the HMO and negotiate with the planning officer to secure a successful outcome.

The Borough of Poole senior planning officer advised Darryl that the principle of the proposed development was acceptable however the quantum of the numbers was too great.  The planning officer indicated that the position of first floor windows on the rear elevation that would serve HMO living room/ bedroom would cause harmful overlooking to a residential occupier of the property to the rear.  The officer suggested a substantial reduction of the numbers being proposed before he felt he could support the scheme.

Darryl considered the proposed layout and created an alternative layout that reduced the numbers by one bedroom but retained a window configuration that provided sufficient natural light and outlook to the intended occupiers whilst preserving the neighbour’s residential amenities and privacy.  The scheme was then subsequently amended, formally submitted and approved by the Local Planning Authority.

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