Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce planning permission has been GRANTED for a 36-unit residential development on the corner of Bournemouth Road and Marlborough Road in Poole. The proposal sees the demolition of the existing care home and its replacement with a contemporary 4 storey flatted block with underground parking.

The scheme which was designed by architects Anders Roberts Cheer, followed a previous approval on site. The principal change with this latest scheme is the introduction of a link above the access drive. The applicant felt that the design and layout of the previously approved scheme, which incorporated a pitched-roof; detached element to the north and flat roofed block to the south of the access drive (i.e. two built forms) created a conflict of design styles within the same site.

Pure Town Planning put forward a robust argument justifying that linking the two built forms; firstly creates a more comprehensive and better quality architectural design solution for the site. But also by stepping down in height from the corner (and actually reducing the scale of built form adjacent to the neighbour by removing the previous pitched roof element), this maintained an appropriate transition to the more domestic scale of the houses in Marlborough Road.

The previous high architectural quality of the approved scheme was not only maintained but in our view improved on this revised proposal because of the aforementioned link. With sharp clean lines, an inventive use of a modern material palette, with extensive articulation, Stone clad ‘butress’ walls; recesses; and balconies which break up the elevations and result in a scheme which would make a positive contribution to the street scene.

The scheme was “red carded” by a ward councillor which meant whilst the planning officer’s recommendation was to Grant, the final decision was down to the Borough of Poole Planning Committee… Fortunately Members sided with the planning officer and agreed with us that the site lay within an established residential area within easy walking distance of local shops and services on Bournemouth and Ashley Road and down the hill to Ashley Cross and will provide much needed new quality apartments in this very sustainable location. It went to the vote and planning was Approved – 7 votes to 0.

Another example of how Pure Town Planning regularly steer applications through to successful conclusions. Do you have a site which you feel has development potential? Why not give us a call on 01202 585524 and take advantage of our FREE of charge confidential planning appraisal service.