Hinkley prior approvalHinckley and Bosworth Borough Council: Pure Town Planning’s list of planning approvals further afield continues to grow… We are delighted to announce that we have recently helped a client to secure consent for a prior approval application in Hinckley, Leicestershire to convert a redundant town centre office into residential use.  The scheme will bring back into use the upper floors of a historic building in the Hinckley Town Centre Conservation Area and will provide valueable residential development in a sustainable town centre location.

The main issue with the application was Council’s interpretation of the legislation, initially prompting the case officer to recommend refusal, however, before any decision was made we were asked to help, and one supporting planning statement later the application was approved. The statement challenged the Council’s interpretation of the legislation and highlighted many examples of similar schemes that had been approved elsewhere by making reference to several appeal decisions.

As the Government attempts to continue to push up housing numbers, the number of change of use schemes that can be implemented under permitted development rights, subject to the submission of a prior approval application, continues to grow. Unfortunately however as the amendments continue to alter the permitted development legislation it can become increasingly difficult to interpret rules. If you are experiencing planning difficulties or need some advice on the latest prior approval applications that can be submitted and need a firm of planning consultants to help you then contact Matt, Dan, Neil or Chris in confidence on 01202 585524 or email us at info@puretownplanning.co.uk for a free no obligation planning consultation.