BCP Council (Poole area): Matt is delighted to announce that he has recently secured planning permission for a stunning transformation of an existing house consisting of alterations, extensions, including formation of an additional floor within the roof form and a contemporary remodel of an existing house in Broadstone which has been designed to a very high standard by DMW Architects.

The scheme sought to revitalise the existing dwelling into a contemporary 5 bedroom, 5000sqft + family home. We provided a comprehensive Design and Access Statement to justify that the scheme was acceptable in terms of character and appearance of the area and neighbouring amenity. The planning officer agreed confirming in her report that:

·The proposal would preserve the character and appearance of the street scene and the wider surrounding area.
·Neighbouring amenities and privacy would be preserved subject to conditions.
·The proposal would not have an adverse impact on any protected trees subject to conditions.
·The proposal would have no adverse impact on the protected habitat.
·The proposal would not have an adverse impact on parking with sufficient on-site parking retained to meet the needs of the enlarged dwelling

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