Image courtesy of Green Sphere Design
Images courtesy of Green Sphere Design

Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to report another appeal success – we’ve had quite a run recently! This one was for a scheme of two large detached houses together with a garage block and flat above on North Road in the Parkstone area of Poole.

The very attractively detailed Arts and Crafts proposal, designed by architects Green Sphere Design, won the support of many local residents. But the planning officer’s at the Borough of Poole considered otherwise and turned it down for being over-dominant – despite its prominent corner location. The architects asked Pure Town Planning to lodge an appeal against the decision.North Road Poole planning consultants Poole

Pure Town Planning successfully made the case for the merits of the scheme to the Inspector. The Inspector recognised the quality of the proposal stating: “prominence does not always equate to harm and the high quality of design being proposed would justify the approach taken in this particular instance” and going on to add that the design would “be an interesting landmark feature which would positively address the corner and create a focal point in local views.”

The Inspector duly overturned the Council’s decision and granted planning consent for the scheme. We really look forward to seeing this scheme being built out as we think it will  have a positive impact on the street scene and lift the appearance of the area.

If you have had a recent planning refusal – why not contact Pure Town Planning to see if an appeal is the best way forward.