BCP Council: Neil McKeon of Pure Town Planning is pleased to announce an appeal win securing consent for a new studio dwelling on a site in Methuen Close, Bournemouth.

The scheme, designed by Harriplan, sees the alteration and extension of an existing HMO building and formation of a new studio dwelling in the rear garden area. Pure Town Planning were instructed to challenge the decision following the Council’s refusal of permission in October 2019.

The LPA refused the application on grounds that the new dwelling would constitute a cramped and contrived form of development leading to an unacceptable loss of amenity space, harmful impact on privacy and a negative effect on trees on site and on adjacent properties.

PTP’s appeal statement addressed each of the LPA’s reasons for refusal and established that the additional studio unit led to only a 15% loss of amenity space with a design and fenestration arrangement which provided no overt overlooking between existing and future occupiers. In addition, the Inspector acknowledged that the submitted arboricultural evidence was sufficient to protect against any undue harm or impact to trees.

In summary, the Inspector supported the acceptability of the new dwelling and confirmed that it would be of a design and scale which is not at odds with the character and appearance of the area – thereby allowing the appeal.

Clearly this was very welcomed news to the applicant and vindicated the core principles and planning merits of the proposal . If you have received a refusal from the Council and are considering your next steps in terms of appeal or revised applications, please call us or email us and we will appraise the scheme and advise you on how best to proceed.