Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council:  Darryl Howells has secured planning permission for the demolition of an unsightly flat roof garage and the erection of a replacement pitched roof garage.  The garage was refused planning permission by the Council on the grounds it would be harmful to a conservation area.   

This Inspector stated that “While the existing garage at the rear is in poor condition, its flat roof and low height, set back from the road and the boundary hedge mean that it is not seen in views of the front elevation. Its scale also allows for views of the rear of the dwelling and the space around it at first floor level to be readily appreciated. Consequently, while the garage detracts from the appearance of the site in some views, overall the appeal site makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area and the South View Conservation Area”.

In weighing up the merits of the proposed replacement garage against the harm to the conservation area, the Inspector accepted Darryl’s argument that the proposed replacement garage would be taller but narrower so as a standalone structure, it would not close off the gap between the host property and its neighbour therefore it would significantly improve the appearance of the site compared to the existing dilapidated structure whilst positively contributing to the characteristics of retaining visual gaps.

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